4-H Camps


Interested youth campers should contact the 4-H Extension Educator in their county for registration information.  All registrations occur through the County Extension office.  Follow the link below to your County Extension web page. (Some counties may require 4-H membership for participation.)

Who Camps at 4-H Camp Palmer?

4-H Camp Palmer was founded in 1947 by Ohio State University Extension 4-H leadership in eleven Northwest Ohio counties.  The county extension educators and 4-H leaders decided they needed a more permanent site for their summer camping experience for 4-H members.

Fulton, Williams, Lucas, Henry, Defiance, Paulding, and Van Wert Counties organized a not-for-profit corporation, and were later  joined by Allen, Putnam, Auglaize and Wood. 

Why Camp?

Camp provides unique experiences for the additional growth of 4-H members.  Campers can relate and apply camp leadership and camp living experiences directly into their home, school, church, and  community life.  4-H Camp is a place where youth may come to experience nature.   Programs offered help 4-H member better understand and appreciate  nature and out-of-doors.  Appreciation comes from living with it and making its intimate acquaintance.  The out-of-doors provides a  wonderful opportunity for each camper to develop skills or hobbies  for wise use of leisure time and not regard it as a period to be  dreaded  'because I have nothing to do.'  Constructive wise use of  leisure time is essential in youth and adulthood.